Every bag gives

Our customers are helping provide protein-rich food to people who need it.

Practicing humanitarianism. One scoop at a time.

Every time you have UNION Protein in your morning smoothie, you’re helping nourish U.S. service members and neighbors who need it. We believe everyone has the right to live a fulfilling life. And thanks to you, we’re turning that belief into action.

*Please note: After an impactful first year in business, we’ve decided to be even more effective in helping Americans. As of January 1st, we’ve raised our profit donation to 90%, up from 75% in 2015!

Giving Partner Group A

American Food Banks

We support it with in-kind donations of our products as well as financial contributions toward protein-rich foods such as beans and lentils. Our first ever food bank, The Food Group, a 501(c)(3), is the #1 healthy food access organization in MN. Its distribution center provides warehousing, coordinates with large-scale donors, and gives logistical support to smaller-scale food banks and food shelves. When selling into a new state, we find a new giving partners structured like The Food Group to carry out our mission within those local territories.

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Giving Partner Group B

U.S. Service Member Care Package Organizations

We donate product and volunteer hours to fill care packages so that our service members around the world get a refreshing taste from home & quality, non-synthetic fuel to serve.

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Our Giving: A Deeper Look