Nutrition with a mission

What if the food that fueled your body helped to nourish those in need?

Our Belief

That everyone has the right to a well-nourished life.

Doing things the right way, every step of the way

Fulfilling our mission to provide protein-rich food for all has two sides: first, it means making protein products that are of the highest quality; and, second, it means using the profits to help people who struggle providing nourishment for themselves.

Motivated to make a change

Hockey, cycling & outdoor enthusiast Steve Coonan founded UNION Protein in 2015 when he traded in a career in finance for an opportunity to help others. Steve is fueled by a desire to make nutrition and fitness more easily accessible for everyone. He’s fueled by a passion for every part of the business, from working with premium ingredient suppliers to helping food banks, and everything in between. To him, it’s all an opportunity to do things the right way.